Private Shopping Tour In Marrakech

Private shopping tour in the souks of Marrakech with a local guide


This tour is designed to inspire even the most reluctant of shoppers!

Imagine a shopping tour in the souks of Marrakech that helps you learn and experience the MOROCCAN cultural markets, receive suggestions, and even help you bargain to obtain the best prices! and above all assist you to get your money back whenever you change your mind during the period of your stay in Marrakech
How good would that be?

You get a first-hand insight of the Souks from an indigenous guide, take away the stress of directions and focus on finding that perfect gift or memorable keepsake, have a tour genuinely from a local shopping experts’ perspective, in a pace that is easy and a route that is Customized to your wishes, providing an authentic experience.
It’s the dream, right?

souks in marrakech

But right now, here you are. Confused Sitting in front of your laptop or any electronic gadget, surfing the net, searching for a reliable and trustworthy private shopping tour guide service to save your life.

You’ve tried most well-known travel forums and Q&A websites. You’ve asked friends for a recommendation. And, you’ve burnt the midnight oil connecting to every social media looking for a savior.


But, it doesn’t have to be this way:

There is a way you can Fill your bags with souvenirs, spices, and exquisite handicrafts, Our private shopping tour guide service focuses mainly on Marrakech’s most renowned shops and markets.

Get insider tips on haggling as you navigate the sprawling aisles of the Grand Souks and ‘Rahba lakdima’ Spice Market. Encounter skilled local craftsmen and top Moroccan handicraft producers while looking for the perfect Berber Rugs and Moorish ceramics, piking the top-quality leather bags and clothing, or finding unique jewelry and gems.

shopping in marrakech

Shop Marrakech with a local that would take away all your worries and address your concerns to find the souvenirs of your dreams.

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