Marrakech Handicraft Workshop

Marrakech By Locals in collaboration with Caravan of the future,  an art and culture organization coming from the soul of Amazigh atlas mountains revel in providing you with exquisite opportunities to try, hands-on, some of the art and craft forms that very few people from outside the country had the chance to try before.

We invite you to an exciting and immersive art and craft tour to discover the secrets and intricacies of a generations-old handicrafts tradition.

In this Half-day artisan visit in Marrakech, Morocco’s top craft city. You will encounter the artisans to learn directly from the source and discover the entire process of the craft of some of the most exquisite Moroccan hand-made treasures

Try your hand at the crafts skills of blanket weaving, leather goods making, button and tassel making, tailoring as well as zellij Mozaic and plaster carving. these skills are inherited from Artisans fathers and passed on from generations.

Our Tours are private and personal. We aim to encourage interactive, responsible tourism and collaborate with the Marrakech local craftsmanship.

In this adventure, You won’t need any experience, just a bit of patience. you will come away with the knowledge of how to continue making similar treasures back home.

The tour Starts at 9.00 AM.and ends around 1.30 PM