Ouzoud Waterfalls Day Trip From Marrakech

Day Trip From Marrakech To Ouzoud Waterfalls

A full day excursion to the Macaque desert monkey homeland

Escape the hustle and bustle of Marrakech to Enjoy a pleasant day at the foot of one of the most beautiful waterfall in North Africa, the Ouzoud Falls, located near the High Atlas village of Tanaghmeilt in Azilal region.

Ouzoud waterfalls are natural wonders that must be visited. There are accessed after a journey of more than 150 km, or about 2:30 to 3 hours drive from Marrakech, that takes many paths. Morocco’s most famous waterfalls are well worth the trip. About 110 meters high, their waters bounce on several levels and project fine droplets into the air. The falls are almost always highlighted by a beautiful rainbow.

Upon arrival in Ouzoud, you will find many small restaurants that serve excellent traditional Moroccan cuisine, souvenir shops or a small hotel offering. However, it is easy to pass without being too harassed, and begin a descent along a well-landscaped path dotted with olive trees.

At the foot of the waterfalls, you can indulge in the joys of swimming, enjoy a meal with your feet in the water, or simply sip a mint tea while observing the ride of the Macaques (the desert monkeys) that the area I know for.

If swimming does not tempt you, you can cross the river by the wooden bridge. There, Many hiking opportunities will be available to you.
You can visit the Ouzoud springs located about 6 km away. You cross an olive grove for 1 to 2 km before passing an old oil press. Arrived at the source, you will rush to put on your shorts and throw yourself in its fresh and crystal clear waters.

Ouzoud has all the charms to spend a sweet day. Not surprisingly, Ouzoud simply means “sweet” in Amazigh.