Day Trip To Essaouira From Marrakech

Day Trip To Essaouira From Marrakech

An excursion that has not to be missed under any excuse

Essawira with its strategic position on the Atlantic coast is a must destination to visit if one wants a thorough picture of authentic Morocco

A picturesque port, Essawira is a mesmerizing charming ancient old city of whitewashed buildings, trimmed with bright blue, This place really hits all senses at once, No wonder why its Medina is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Formerly known by its old Portuguese name « Mogador », Essawira is a citadel with a prestigious past. It has been occupied since prehistoric times and was famous for its Tyrian factory which supplied Rome with the legendary purple dye.

A cradle for artists of all kinds, Essawira is also well known for its fishing port and market, a hive of activity day or night.

Essawira is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled towns in Morocco. A famous trading post 3000 years ago, its stunning beaches have made it the mecca for surfing enthusiasts today.

Essawira has always been a cradle for artists of all genres and poets, scientists and artists flock to it for centuries. Its main square is worth a visit as this is where all the main cafes, restaurants and patisseries are clustered.

The old harbor has fine examples of both Portuguese and Moroccan architecture, as does the 17th-century Mosque, the local artists quarter and the bastion of Skala.

Embark on a private journey to beautiful Essaouira and Take a stroll through the Medina with its cobbled streets and white buildings trimmed with bright blue shutters. A visit to the Scala, the impressive sea bastions built along the northern cliffs, presents a wonderful view of this wild Atlantic Coast as well as of the Ile Mogador.

The souks of Essaouira work at a slower pace than in Marrakech, and the atmosphere of this town invites wandering, and enjoyment of the leisurely ambiance.

Lunch can be taken at one of the town’s restaurants or fish stalls in the port, where deliciously fresh grilled fish is served.

A long walk along the beach after lunch is highly recommended. There are also numerous cafés, artists’ studios, and handicraft stalls to visit.