Cooking Class In Marrakech

Cooking Class In Marrakech With Chef Hafid – an experience catering for kitchen novices to cooking enthusiasts

Marrakech Cooking Class

This Cooking Workshop In Marrakech offers something for everyone. From amateurs to professional cooks

A visit to Marrakech is simply not whole unless you experience The Moroccan cuisine and the culture it springs from

You know that the sole way to learn something well is by DOING, that’s why we offer you a hands-on cooking class that will help you delve deep into the intricacies of real Moroccan cuisine

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Our cook, CHEF HAFID, is an outstanding professional chef with a well-developed knowledge of the cuisine under his belt.

Sufficient to state here what Romola Garai the British film and television actress said about him “Hafid is deeply passionate about food, and as he spoke wistfully of the dishes he has created, using a combination of Moroccan and Mediterranean food, I was seconds away from offering to sell up and move to Marrakech to go into the restaurant business together.”

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Our cooking courses are great for all age ranges and skill levels catering for kitchen novices to cooking enthusiasts.

What distinguishes our classes is that they are private so we can teach you to prepare what YOU are interested in and design the right class for you. Our workshops move at a perfect pace for the apprentice and allow for limitless questioning and highly personalized attention.

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This Moroccan cooking course will reveal to you the hidden secrets to cooking with spices, teach you which ones should be part of your home collection and show you techniques for getting the most flavor out of each dish that you can eventually tweak to your own creation for your family or guests.

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After taking this class you’ll be able to create authentic succulent Moroccan meals and mouthwatering desserts. in addition to that, the knowledge you’ll gain can be applied to any dish that utilizes these core Moroccan spices

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Enjoy a hands-on cooking party and embark on a culinary journey that is uniquely shared with your loved ones, your dear friends and close colleagues. Celebrate your birthday or any happy moment of yours by exploring a new cuisine! Make a mother-son or father-daughter cooking date.

amal cooking class marrakech

You and your loved ones are welcomed to the comfort of our kitchen with a typical Moroccan tea with mint, verbena, sage and other wild atlas mountains herbs. You design your proper class with recipes of your own choice. Each course includes tips on healthy eating and preparation and a sit-down lunch or dinner. And the best part is that you have no dishes to clean afterward!

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after attending this workshop you will have learned typical Moroccan recipes and possess a thorough understanding of the Moroccan cooking tradition. Highly recommended both for beginners and culinary connoisseurs.

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If you wish to gain solid skills and profound knowledge in the kitchen to create restaurant-quality dishes then our workshops are for you.

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