Food Preservation Class In Marrakech

Join our food Preservation class to learn the secrets of recipes and ways of cooking that are handed down from one generation to another through the best cooks in Marrakech who are no more than these ladies who work in very affluent homes where they can get paid and basically they have recipes in their heads of how to cook and preserve certain things and there are the best chefs there’s no doubt about it they’re called Dadas – big ladies who spend a lot of time in the kitchen and they’re so seasoned they love what they do and basically those ladies will reveal their secret sauce to no one but their dear daughters because they want to make sure that their daughters will get the job after they pass

Lalla Fatima is one of these kitchen expert Dadas who will unravel to you some of the well-kept secrets of how to correctly preserve a lot of key ingredients in the Moroccan cuisine like:

How to preserve lemons and transform them from acidic fruit to a mellow lemony ingredient unique to Moroccan cooking used for marinades and garnishes

How to properly make harissa the chili paste from Birds Eye chilies preserved lemon garlic fresh coriander ground cumin salt and olive oil and blends all this good staff to a thick paste that’s fresh and zingy and hot as hell

Smen is another important condiment in Moroccan cuisine this rancid butter or the preserved butter is prepared by mixing butter with salt and oregano put in a jar and set aside for two to three weeks to get a condiment that has a pale amber color and the aroma of Gorgonzola cheese

The last and not least preparation is the sun-dried tomatoes and how to preserve them with Garlic oregano and olive oil

The tour Starts at 9.00 AM.and ends around 1.30 PM